Daewoo E&C



Daewoo Nigeria have carried out projects at various times and locations that have
impacted positively in the lives of our host communities. Some of these projects include:

  • - Construction of Concrete Roads / Drains
  • - Construction of Water Boreholes
  • - Provision of Solar Street Lights

Our efforts to empower individuals especially the youths in the Host communities
through skills acquisition programs, trainings and business opportunities cannot be
overemphasized. Every Year Daewoo carries out training of youths in skills such as:

  • - Welding / Fitting
  • - Scaffolding / Erecting
  • - Computer Training

Daewoo have recently embarked on AutoCAD Engineering training where graduate
youths from the immediate host community are trained and later incorporated into
the mainstream engineering in the company.

DAEWOO Nigeria Limited welfare packages extend not only to the immediate host community but also to Government agencies within its area of operation.

  • - Donation of Computers to Onne Police Station
  • - Logistics Assistance to the Local Government on Sanitation Days
  • - Donation of Mattresses / Beddings to NYSC Members
  • - Donation of relief Materials to Flood Victims in Rivers, Bayelsa & Delta States

Daewoo have over the years encouraged the development of sports in its areas
of operation through sponsorship of various sporting events. Notably:

  • - Daewoo / Rumuokwurushi Golf club Tournament
  • - Port Harcourt Polo Tournament
  • - Ebubu Youths Football challenge