Daewoo E&C



Alcohol and Drug Policy
It is the policy of Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) to have all her employees and subcontractors abide
and comply with “No Alcohol and No Drug” policy during the time they are on duty. Every person must
be in good mental and physical condition while executing an assigned task.
Alcohol and hard drugs (Cocaine Amphetamine, Marijuana, Heroin, and Hashish) or any product that
has the ability to impair good judgment is prohibited.
Any employee, subcontractor or third party found within DNL premises or in control of DNL vehicle under
the influence of the afore-mentioned substance shall have services immediately terminated without
compensation.This policy shall cover all DNL’s operation areas.
Community Relations Policy
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL), as a corporate entity shall continue to maintain mutual relationship with its host communities by:

  • Contributing to the overall social development of the host communities
  • Putting in place a sustainable community Development / Relations / Programs
  • Ensuring positive impact on its working environment and host communities.
  • Improving the quality of human resources and physical development of areas of operation.
  • Fostering good neighbourliness and harmonious relations with host communities
Implementation of HSE Policy
In principle, the prevention of all accidents would start with the active commitment of our management and all to:

Follow approved codes of work especially with regards to standards and codes applicable to our engineering and maintenance jobs

  • Operate the work system effectively such that operational hazards are identified at their early stages and addressed.
  • Use of tools safely, both electrically and manually operated. Tools will be of such standards that their potential to cause harms will be greatly reduced.
  • Provision of work plan and procedures to be in line with clients’ requirements.
  • Only certified and tested materials shall be used for all construction works.

The maintenance of high degree of personal health standards, on and off the job, must be taken into account for each project. The areas to be addressed include:

  • provision and maintenance of first aid facilities both at base and project sites
Disciplinary Policy
Any employee found condoning, supporting or instructing any employee to commit an unsafe act, work
in an unsafe environment or work with unsafe equipment or working without PTW (Permission To Work)
will attract disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Violators will be issued with verbal or written warning by supervisors, HSE department personnel or
management personnel. These warnings are intended to make the employee more HSE conscious and
prevent injury to self or fellow employee, or damage to property due to negligence or careless acts.

Any employee receiving one (1) verbal and three (3) written warning for HSE violations throughout
the project will be subject to termination.

Records of HSE violations will be kept on file with the HSE department and in the employee’s
personal for the project.

Employee that continuously ignore or disregard the projects’ HSE requirements will be disciplined in the
following manner.

Non Compliance with project HSE Standards

Note: A person could be removed from the project on the 1st and 2nd offence depending upon the
severity of the situation and/or condition. Depending on the nature of the offence and / or attitude
expressed by the employee, at the discretion of management a suspension of up to 5 days may
accompany any warning given.
Environmental Policy
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) recognizes that as a part of DNL responsibility, the protection of the
earth’s environment is essential to the survival of plants, animals and present and future human
generations. Therefore, DNL is committed to environmental conservation through:

  • Application of environmental directives, legislations and code of practice from Clients and Federal ministry of Environment.
  • Collection and reflection of construction industry best practice requirement from environmentally interested stakeholders.
  • Identification of environmental aspects of all construction factor derived from the process of project planning, design, execution, services, active performance, environmental accident prevention and pollution eradication.
  • Setting environmental objectives and targets, striving continually to improve and realize this environmental policy.

As an integral part of business management, DNL’s management shall provide adequate resources to
achieve the objectives of the policy.
This policy shall be communicated to every worker to enable them understand, support and be fully
committed to its implementation.
Our priority will be to ensure that impact on the environment is minimized. DNL aims to achieve this to
the highest standard by:
  • Minimizing construction wastes and effluents by promoting recycling.
  • Preventing environmental pollution and targeting achieving “zero’’ environmental accident target.
  • Provision of adequate information, training and supervision of employees to enable DNL and its subcontractors avoid hazards and thereby contributing positively to minimize impact on the environment.
  • Measuring, monitoring and reviewing environmental performance.
HSE Audit Policy
Due to the sophistication of all our equipment and work tools, nature of operations, unsafe acts and
conditions are inevitable. These acts and conditions if not observed, checked and controlled or
completely eliminated, can result in accidents.

Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) recognizes this fact and therefore has it as a policy to carry out frequent
HSE Audit at all its work sites and operations.

All the nominated persons at each location are mandated to carry out site HSE audits as indicated by
the schedule. Reports of such audits shall be forwarded to the project manager .The project HSE manager
or the base manager as the case may be shall ensure corrective measures are implemented in good time.

The project HSE management team ensures that training on HSE audit, management safety audits are
carried out regularly. Reports are completed; recommendation made, followed up to ensure
compliance and closed-out.

It is the responsibility of all the work force to carryout HSE audit both in and outside their department’s
area of operation and report to the site HSE office or their immediate supervisors.

Repeated violation of audit recommendations will be discouraged and positive attitudes towards
safety rewarded.

This policy shall apply to all workforce and all are required to read, understand and abide by this policy.
Safe Incentives Policy
There will be an award known as “Safest Worker Award” to staff who exhibits best safe attitude at
work monthly. It will be a cash prize to be determined by the Project Manager.
The selection would be by a committee comprising the Project Manager, HSE Manager and the Site

The HSE committee shall use the following criteria for assessment:
  • Attendance to and involvement in mustering, toolbox briefings and safety meetings.
  • Response to safety calls and warnings
  • Effective use and care for required and provided PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Neatness and good House – Keeping
  • Presentation of company I.D card and swimming passport on demand
  • Accident/Incident and hazards reporting
  • Safety suggestions.
Smoking Policy
Smoking is not only injurious but also a potential safety hazard.
Smoking in public places exposes non-smokers to health related hazards and it is the duty of the Company
to protect employees from unnecessary exposure to hazards.
The smoking of cigarettes or pipes is prohibited in all non smoking designated areas.
The ban also include conference / meeting rooms, corridors, public areas and shared offices, unless
otherwise agreed between all occupants of such offices.
Transport Policy
Transportation of personnel, equipment and materials, especially by land and marine, is important to
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL)’s operations. DNL recognizes that transport operations have associated
hazards which have to be adequately managed and controlled in order to achieve safe and efficient
transportation. Consequently, DNL is committed to the following;
  • All equipment used for land, marine transport and materials handling shall always be maintained at a level that assures reliable service and high degree of safety.
  • All land, marine transport and material handling equipment are to be registered and inspected prior to use for DNL business in compliance with statutory and contractual obligations.
  • Only authorized personnel shall be allowed to operate these equipment and in accordance with DNL standard.
  • Operators are to be made aware of the hazards associated with the operation of these equipment and various approaches including journey management shall be in place for the control of the hazards
Unsafe Work Stoppage Policy
HSE occupies an important role in Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL)’s activities. Indeed, HSE is of equal
importance to other business activities.
DNL’s HSE policy states that “No activity shall be carried out unless considered safe.”
In furtherance of this policy, the following persons are empowered to stop any work that is considered
unsafe and capable of endangering people, equipment and environment.

Waste Management Policy
Various wastes are generated in our operations amongst which are scrap metals, used, disused oil
and fuel, cottons, gauze, blades (medical wastes etc.).
Because we are cognizant of the effects of waste on the environment and around the community
we work, we shall take the following four waste minimization steps.

Accordingly, waste generated in our operations shall be kept in secluded places sealed and sent to the
base office for disposal.
No waste shall be carelessly disposed around worksite.
Nigerian Content Policy
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) shall, in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s vision to build Nigerian capacity and capability, contribute by maximizing procurement from Nigerian source of services, manpower, materials, and equipment required for its successful operations. DNL shall endeavor to maximize the participation of Nigerians/Nigerian companies and utilization of Nigerian Materials/Resources during its operation at the same time ensuring achievement of set targets without compromising the intent of achieving the overall best value for its operations in terms of price, quality, efficiency, delivery and HSE. Nigerian Content Policy of DNL shall include the following elements;
  • Construction activities to be performed by Nigerian contractors
  • Fabrication or assembly to be maximized in Nigeria
  • Engineering designs to be domiciled in Nigeria
  • Project Management and Procurement centers to be domiciled in Nigeria
  • Nigeria staff and labor for work to be performed in Nigeria
  • Supply services of equipment and material to be performed by Nigerian suppliers shall be maximized
  • Duties, taxes, fees and surcharges
Quality Policy
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) fundamental policy is set out to position her as one the leading companies
in Nigeria through healthy competition and continuous innovation, with the aim of securing quality
competitive advantage based on technology and strive for continuous improvement on total quality
management by allowing employee participation.

DNL establishes and controls measurable Quality Objectives to achieve a Quality Policy, and establish
the Quality Management System on a series of processes; planning, feasibility-study, engineering,
purchasing, construction, supervising, delivering and servicing. In addition, the General Manager of
Technical & Project Control Division, who is entitled to operate the quality management system, is
nominated as management representative so that the system can work smoothly and steadily.
All the management and employees should ensure the satisfaction and confidence of customers through
complying with the quality management system, and improving the effectiveness of quality management
system continuously.
Security Policy
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) recognizes security and safety of all assets, facilities, premises and the life
of personnel under its control as top priority in all her operations. DNL commits as far as reasonably
practicable, security measures to protect and avoid conflicts of any sort, through efficient access restriction
of unwanted elements, operation of security guards and forces, advanced security assessment and
analysis, and communication of security threats to its employees.
To fulfill this commitment, DNL shall establish and maintain security plan in all her operations and
provide appropriate training, communication and commendation of employees to familiarize
themselves with the provisions of the security plan. Integral to this enhancement are the ideas and
inputs of employees
who shall be encouraged to actively contribute to the improvement of security and safe working
The security operation of DNL shall be carried out within the limits of the law and security requirements
of agencies and various tiers of the Federal Government of Nigeria to enhance the company’s goodwill
and image in the larger society.
Business Conduct and Ethics
Daewoo Nigeria Limited (DNL) sets its fundamental policy to conduct its business in accordance with
applicable laws, rules and regulations, with honesty and integrity, in a manner which demonstrate
respect for local cultural and ethnic customs.

Every manager bears responsibility for the employees entrusted to him / her. Every manager must earn
their respect by exemplary personal behavior, performance, openness, and social competence. He / she
shall set clear, ambitious, and realistic goals, lead by trust and confidence and leave the employees as
much individual responsibility and leeway as possible. Every manager shall also be accessible in case
employees wish to discuss a professional or personal problem.

It will be the responsibility of every manager to see to it that there is no violation of laws within his/her
area of responsibility which proper supervision could have prevented or rendered more difficult. The
manager still remains responsible, if he/she delegates particular tasks.
It is expected that every DNL employee will transact business with the highest standard of integrity.
Inappropriate behavior on the part of every single employee can cause the company considerable damage.
Every employee should be concerned with the good reputation of DNL in Nigeria. In all aspects of
performing his/her job, every employee must focus on maintaining the good reputation of respect
for the company.