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Company Profile

  • Thank you for visiting our website. On behalf of Daewoo Nigeria Limited, I want to welcome you warmly and also, thank you for your support and encouragement for DNL within the past 3 decades of operation in Nigeria.

Daewoo Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of Daewoo E&C, South-Korea. It was registered on the 18th August,
1978. Our registered office is at 10, Lagoon Avenue, Osborne, Ikoyi, Lagos and our operational head office
at Onne/BoriRoad Junction, Port-Harcourt.

We have been given permits to operate in various special categories in the Nigeria Oil and Gas by the
Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) namely: Pipeline services, Construction services, Pipeline
Maintenance Services, Calibration Services, Technical Consultancy services, Heavy Duty Equipment
supply Services, Maintenance Services, Dredging Services and Integrity Test Services, etc.

We have delivered projects in the development of Oil and Gas Infrastructures in Oil and Gas Industry in
Nigeria e.g.Central Processing Facilities, Fertilizer Plants, Pipelines, NLNG Train etc.

We apply supreme technologies services in our business fields and as such, we have established ourselves
a position as one of the leading EPC companies in Nigeria. This we hope to maintain and improve on.

We have a good HSE record which is evident in most of our projects as we strive to achieve a zero-fatality in
our operation. We ensure strict adherence to all live saving rules and also, promote safety consciousness
amongst our staff andsub-contractors. We also apply the best industry practice in our Construction activities
to ensure personnel safety, assets protection, uninterrupted production/operation, Environment friendly to
host communities and reputation improvement.

We are committed to adhering and guided by the Nigerian Content Act. Our aim is to develop Nigerian
Capabilities and to ensure Technology Transfer to our Nigerian Staff. We believe in training and
re-training of our staff both on-the-job and outside to keep them abreast of the latest development in their
area of discipline.

Managing Director